Published: 4 years ago

It’s Not About Parking Cars

Guest services isn’t about how you serve your guests. It’s about why. 

Parking a car, opening a door, seating a rear, and pouring a cup of coffee are means to an end. Sure, they’re an important means, but they’re just a means.

Job descriptions are a great idea and task lists are a great start, but they’ll never replace the art of touch. If a volunteer knows exactly what to do but they have no idea why they’re doing it, then they’ve failed as a volunteer and we’ve failed as leaders.

The what and how of guest services must always point to the why. We’re not just parking cars or pouring coffee. We’re pointing people to a practical demonstration of the gospel and laying the foundation for a relationship with Jesus.

  1. By Danny Franks | Find their Affinity on January 4, 2016 at 7:19 am

    […] Too often in church circles, we focus on what we can offer: our programs and our ministries. Our outreaches and our pet projects. Our demographics and our growth patterns. And those things are important, so long as those things find their end in the gospel. […]

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