Published: 4 years ago

Attitude Won’t Last

In case you haven’t seen the viral video of the week, it’s worth the 2:28 it’ll take you to watch it.

(Go ahead. I’ll wait.)

Apollos Hester is my new hero. I’d like to sit down and have coffee with him (decaf). If he ran for president, he’d have both my vote and my yard for his campaign sign.

Apollos’ attitude is contagious. I agree with the news anchor: a couple of minutes of his speech and I felt like I could run through a wall. We need guys and ladies like Apollos on our teams and in our corners.

But while attitude is important, it’s not ultimate. I can have a great attitude for a while. Some “whiles” last longer than others. But give me too many rough days in a stretch…give me too many looming deadlines…give me too many tiffs with my bride or butting heads with my kids…and you’re going to see my attitude wane. Apollos would be appalled if he saw my negativity creep up like it’s prone to do.

What I know about my attitude is that it can’t rest on my ability to white-knuckle a good mood. It can’t depend on a string of good days to outweigh the occasional bad one. No, my attitude has to be anchored to something deeper. I have to go beyond contagious happiness and dig deep to find the joy that informs my attitude.

The New Testament reminds us over and over again that joy is rooted in Christ. It’s sourced there. It begins and ends there, and the joy of Christ sustains me longer than a good day ever can.

What is your attitude anchored in?

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