Published: 3 years ago

Five Loaves vs the Four Year Old

On Sunday afternoon I had an impromptu lunch date with my daughter. And by “lunch date,” I mean Zaxby’s on the back porch while pollen coated our chicken fingers in a lovely shade of yellow.

During lunch, I asked Haven what she’d been learning at church lately. She told me that on that particular morning, she learned about two of the ‘siples who were walking down the road and Jesus was with them and then they closed their eyes and then they opened their eyes and then he was gone and then they said “Hosanna!” and Adam and Eve ate the apple.

God bless her.

But then she started on the story of Jesus feeding the 5,000 (how many stories do they cover in Summit Kids each week, anyway?!?). And here’s the rundown:

Haven: Jesus took the two fishes and the five breads and he fed the people.

Me: He fed all those people with that?

Haven: Uh-huh. But it wasn’t enough.

Me: What do you mean it wasn’t enough?

Haven: Daddy, it wasn’t enough. They just had two fishes and five breads and a LOT of people. It wasn’t enough.

Me: But did everybody eat?

Haven: Uh-huh.

Me: So how was it not enough?

Haven: NO. It was enough, but it wasn’t enough to feed them. But he did.

Me: I’m confused. Exactly how did everybody eat?

Haven: WITH THEIR HANDS, silly. They didn’t have forks.


And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you get outsmarted by a four year old.


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