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Christmas at DPAC is Back!

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Christmas at DPAC is back!

2015 marks the fourth year where we’ll celebrate Jesus’ birth as a gift to the Triangle. Over the last three years we’ve seen over 28,000 people and nearly 4,000 volunteers participate in the sights, sounds, and story of the season. The incarnation story was retold through spoken word, video, drumlines, rap, solos, and the proclamation of the gospel. 

We’re just a month away from Christmas at DPAC 2015, another opportunity to invite friends and family to a common venue as we observe the birth of the King of the ages.

Like any Summit event, this one is going to take volunteers. Lots of volunteers. Over 1400 volunteers, to be exact. And we need them in Summit Kids, Guest Services, Prayer, Set Up, & Tear Down. We’re challenging everyone at the Summit to consider attending one service and serving one service. Or, if you want to make it on Santa’s Nice List, you can attend one and serve four. (Ho ho ho.)

But let’s be realistic: you don’t really have time to serve during the holliest, jolliest time of the year without a really good reason, do you? Here are four:

  1. This is our gift to our city. It’s far more convenient to pay DPAC to provide their own staff to open doors, point out seating, and welcome people to the venue. And while they’ll have a few of their folks helping us with some of those tasks, this is an event that we own. And as owners of the event, we want to own the experience. We’ve made huge inroads to our community with events like ServeRDU and Church at the Ballpark. Let’s not stop now.
  2. Your personal gifting demands it. Many of you reading this have gifts for serving kids or being hospitable to guests. You need to exercise those gifts. Do we need you to serve? Yes we do. But more than that, you need to serve. It’s how you’ve been wired.
  3. The gospel still starts in the parking lot…even when it’s not our parking lot. Every weekend we challenge people to share the gospel in the way that they serve. Just because we’re offsite doesn’t mean that challenge stops. With thousands of first time guests expected, we have the opportunity to introduce people to Jesus by the simple act of serving them well and loving their kids.
  4. Sign up to serve and get early access to tickets. That’s right: if you register as a volunteer prior to December 5, you’ll receive first dibs onDPAC tickets for you and your guests. That’s a stocking stuffer anybody can love.

So here we go again, Summit. Step up. Serve with abandon. Sign up today. We’ll see you at the DPAC!

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