Published: 2 years ago

Thursday Three For All

It’s Thursday, kiddies: the day when I roll out a few things I’ve been reading over the past week. Three of ‘em, to be exact. Enjoy. (Remember: click on the bold print to read the entire article.)

A “Wow” Customer Service Story, With Actual Life and Death at Stake

(via @micahsolomon, @forbes) Couple of questions here: what are you doing in your organization to accommodate guests with special needs? And even in the “routine” guest categories, how are you adding wow?

Customer service isn’t really a matter of life and death, right? No, not, usually; even as a customer service consultant and customer service-obsessed author and speaker, I can’t pretend otherwise.  But in the story I’m about to share, the stakes are that high, with potentially life-and-death implications. Which, in my view, makes the customer service in question that much more amazing.


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(via @thisissethsblog) As usual, an interesting perspective from the great Seth Godin. And – shameless plug alert! – if you’re not currently subscribing to this blog via RSS, click the awesome green Feedly button: follow us in feedly

Here’s the thing: Google doesn’t want you to read blogs. They shut down their RSS reader and they’re dumping many blog subscriptions into the gmail promo folder, where they languish unread.

And Facebook doesn’t want you to read blogs either. They have cut back the organic sharing some blogs benefitted from so that those bloggers will pay to ‘boost’ their traffic to what it used to be.



Hairless Dog Dances to “Beer Barrel Polka”

(via @premiumfunny) I’m so very sorry that you’ll never be able to unsee this. I’m not sure what’s happening here.


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