Published: 3 years ago

The One Question That Will Help Your Church Get Going

“Where are we now?”

It’s a simple question. A difficult question. Easy to ask. Painful to answer.

It’s a question that helps to ground you. It acknowledges what is true. It gives you a starting point.

The question doesn’t chart the course for where you’ll be in five years. There’s no master plan involved. But without it, there can be no master plan.

The question helps reveal the opinion about your church by your community. Or the impact of your guest services culture (or lack thereof). Or the presence and health of your weekend volunteers.

You can’t start somewhere different than where you are. You can’t make changes until you know what should change.

You can’t dream about the future without acknowledging the reality of the present.

Moving forward starts with a simple, but difficult question.

“Where are we now?” 


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