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Danny Recommends: Podcasts (part two)

Every so often we dip our toes into a series called Danny Recommends:, posts that tip you off to the stuff that I…you know. The recommendations might be products for use in your ministry, resources that will help you develop leaders around you, or just fun stuff that you need. Want. Whatever. I have a full list of recommended books and such over at the Reading List, but these posts will go into further detail. For other posts in the series, check out the link at the bottom.


‘Twas a podcast post that kicked off the Danny Recommends series many moons ago. And since that time, my podcast obsession collection has simply grown. Here are my top nine I’ve picked up since then:


Curious NashvilleChalk this up in the “oddly obscure” category, but as a guy who grew up south of Music City, USA, this is my favorite new find about a town I love. There are only five episodes so far (and those are spaced painfully far apart), but if you are a Tennessee native, this is worth a mini-binge.

The DistanceProduced by the good folks over at Basecamp, The Distance features businesses with a 25+ year lifespan. From an auto salvage yard to the creator of high-end headphones, we get an inside peek at how entrepreneurs think, thrive, and survive.

GravyThere are two kinds of people in the world: those who love Southern food, and those who are just plain wrong. Break out your cast iron skillet, fry up some okra, and take a multi-state tour into stories of food, people, culture, and history.

How I Built ThisIn a similar vein to The Distance, NPR’s newish production focuses on the whales of business. You’ll hear rags to riches stories from the guy who gave us 5-Hour Energy drinks and the couple who created Crate & Barrel.

The Memory Palace. Nate DiMeo is one of the best storytellers of our generation. These episodes are like Lays Potato Chips: no one can eat just one. While I don’t normally recommend starting mid-stream, listen to Itty Bitty Bombs first and then feast from the beginning.

New Churches Q&A PodcastI was admittedly late to the game on this one, because after all, I’m not in a new church. Big mistake. Daniel, Todd, and Ed deliver the goods for churches of all shapes, sizes, and longevities. (Full disclosure, some of my Ministry Grid training was used for Guest Services Week, beginning in episode 126.)

The UnPodcastProbably not a good idea to proceed on this one unless you’re a fan of quirk. Scott and Alison Stratten serve as co-hosts for an early-morning talk-show-format podcast that highlights current marketing disasters in the news. I’m a fan. If you love customer service stories (good or horrific), you’ll like it too.

UnSeminary PodcastRich Birch has a vast stash of ministry leaders from a variety of denominations, backgrounds, and areas of expertise. Plus, he’s one of the nicest guys to ever show up on your earbuds. (Full disclosure: I’ll be a guest on an upcoming episode, if I don’t hit the cutting room floor first.)

The Way I Heard ItI still say that radio hasn’t been the same since Paul Harvey died. Mike Rowe (the Dirty Jobs guy) picks up that mantel and tells some of the greatest stories of history that you think you’ve never heard of. With plot twists galore, this is “The Rest of the Story” for a new generation.


That’s my top nine. I’m sure I’m leaving out one of your favorites. What are you listening to? Comment below.


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Disclaimer: FTC watchdogs will probably want to know that the podcasters listed / linked above did not ask for this endorsement, nor did they provide me with free swag in order to do so. I’m just a really satisfied fan who wants to let you know where you can hear some great information and entertainment. I only promote items that have benefitted me and that I believe will benefit you. So there.


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