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Thursday Three For All, Thanksgiving Edition: Holiday Conversations, $76,000 Dinners, and Mobile Moderators

It’s Thanksgiving Thursday, kiddies, and that means an extra-grateful edition of TT4A. Grab your gravy and a spoon and settle in for some reading time. (Remember: click on the big bold print to read the entire article.)


How to Maximize Your Conversations This Holiday Season

(via @michaelhyatt) If you’re considering digging out the standby stories and “What are you majoring in?” questions, maybe instead consider this helpful list of ten conversation starters:

We are entering the holiday season, and that means a lot of great things: fun memories, good food, goofing off. But it might mean some awkward, uncomfortable conversations, too.

According to two economists from UCLA and Washington State University, “politically divided” families actually cut short their Thanksgiving dinners last year rather than wrangle over the table. “Our results suggest partisan differences cost American families 62 million person-hours of Thanksgiving time,” the pair wrote.


I ate a $76,000 Thanksgiving dinner – but there was one thing missing.

(via @CNBC) In the “people with more money than sense” department…

The dinner — which boasts everything from $475-per-pound imported Japanese Wagyu beef lollipops to gravy infused with $3,300 special reserve Pappy Van Winkle bourbon — features only the best.

“What we focused on is using the most expensive ingredients that we possibly could find from all over the world,” he says of his restaurant’s over-the-top menu, now in its fourth annual iteration. “Not only will you eat well, you will drink the finest.”

At a price tag roughly $15,000 higher than the median household income in the U.S., I guess you’d expect as much. I settled into the back booth and prepared to eat the equivalent of my outstanding student loan debt.


Wolf Blitzer is Your Go-To Mobile Moderator

(via @TheEllenShow) Yep, this is a repeat from 2016. And yep, it’s even a repeat from the first article above. But just in case you’re the kind of person who skips straight to the funny at the end…


photo credit: Jason Mathis

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