Published: 9 months ago

The Gift of Time

Do Sunday mornings stress you? Does it seem like there’s always a last-minute runaround in order to be ready to welcome guests? Are you constantly worried about your team’s ability to get everything set up in time?

There’s a very simple solution that we tend to overlook: show up earlier. When we push our prep times to the margins, it’s no wonder that we feel overwhelmed with the amount of tasks to do vs. the deadlines that we’re facing.

Showing up earlier is easier said than done. Bumping your Sunday schedule by 15 or 30 minutes doesn’t mean it takes you less time to get ready…or that your kids will fight less on the way to church…or that it’s any easier to get out of bed.

No, showing up earlier is a sacrifice. It’s going to cost you something. But the benefit to your guests (and to your ultimate peace of mind) is huge. That extra 30 minutes may be the best gift you give to your guests – and yourself – this weekend.

Show up. Check stuff off your list. Do a walk through to make sure everything is ready for company. And then be fully present with the ones God is sending your way.


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