How to Read More This Year

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  1. May 23, 2019

    […] I read a lot all year long, but I tend to be more disciplined in the curation of my reading stack during the summer. That may be because of the pressure that comes along with figuring out which books get packed in the suitcase for vacation (so. much. pressure!). But I suspect it has more to do with the fact that summer is the only time I actually share my reading list in advance. I realize that if my list consists only of Amish romance novels (a simply fantastic genre), you might question the breadth of my topics, though you would never question the depth of that particular one (Ezra’s heart pines for you, Hettie June. Might thee consider his love?). […]

  2. June 20, 2019

    […] to set aside a block of time each day (or even each week) to sit down and crack open a book. Yes, you should prioritize reading time, but sometimes, other things edge that […]

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