Published: 2 years ago

Rewind: Square Pegs and Round Holes

I’m enjoying some downtime with my family this week, so we’re heading to the archives to pull up some of the earliest content from the blog. This post originally appeared in August 2008.   Life is too short to do something you’re not wired …

Published: 2 years ago

Hand ’em a Hammer

This week our church is moving into a brand-new building in anticipation of a campus move in just a few weeks. It’s the first from-the-ground-up project we’ve undertaken since 1962, so you could say that the learning curve is steep. (Also: city permits. Let’s …

Published: 10 years ago

Playing the Field

I had a great conversation with a friend and fellow staff member earlier this week.  She reminded me that part of the job of a pastor is to reject the idea of promoting one ministry over another.  You’ve seen that happen, haven’t you?  This …

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