Published: 10 years ago

Introducing MRS. Connections Intern

Lean into your swing, Ash.We interrupt your weekend to bring you an oh-so-rare Sunday post and offer congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Adam Moore.  That’s right, Connective Tissue readers, long-time Connections Intern Adam tied the knot with Ashley last night.  Adam is the wunderkind behind our Starting Point team at the Brier Creek AM campus, and I make him do all the junk I don’t feel like doing.

Ashley will be joining our First Impressions Team in a couple of Sundays, so watch for her smiling face around campus.  She’s much nicer than Adam, so I’m hoping she’ll rub off on him.

As for that picture…yes I was at the wedding, and yes I had my camera, but for some reason I never took a picture.  So you get to see them with pots and pans.  Weird, I know, but my understanding is that Ashley is holding her weapon of choice for when Adam watches too much ESPN.

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