Published: 10 years ago

It’s a Great Day to be a…

Just DuckyWhen I arrived at the office this morning, this guy* and one of his friends were waiting on me.  I know it’s dreary and rainy and somebody out there is making cracks about building a boat, but come on.  A duck in the middle of an office complex?  Oh sure, if we had a cool office complex with a pond and paddle boats and a little bridge and park benches like those hoity-toitys over at SAS**, well okay then.  But we’re industrial ghetto, and this is just insulting.

So I rolled down the window and told him that a crazy man with a gun was going to arrive any minute, and he should either fly to safety or prepare to meet Jesus***.  Otherwise, he’d join this guy by the end of the day.

*Okay, so it really wasn’t this exact guy.  I tried taking a picture with my cell phone, but he kept walking away and the people in the office next door were beginning to taunt me.  (They didn’t say anything, but in their hearts they were taunting me.)  But in fairness, this is a picture of an actual duck that I actually took when he was actually standing about two feet away from me.  I snapped this picture this time last year when my wife and I were celebrating our 15th anniversary in San Antonio.  Where it was dry.

**That one’s for you, Mr. Y.

***All ducks go to heaven.

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  1. Shannon says:

    And your resident photographer wasn’t in yet. 🙂

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