I’m The Biggest Loser

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  1. Jason says:

    i’ll eat the other 4000 calories for you per day. Wait, i think my arteries are clogging at this very moment.

  2. Thommarson says:

    Awesome job Danny. Those books are awesome. While I don’t own them, I have read about them and I get excerpts from them and it blows my mind how bad some foods are for you. Keep up the good work.

    And I will slap that doughnut out of your hand.

  3. Aaron Tant says:

    Awesome work! If you are looking for a quick exercise to fit into your husband/dad/pastor/couch potato lifestyle, might I suggest “Tony Horton’s: 10 Minute Trainer” series. Yes, it is one of those promos you see on Saturday morning on 15 channels (or if you have DirectTV, it is on everyday on those fitness channels). Lisa and I have, sporatically, been using them and with some success (I can truthfully say that when I was diligent in it, I was losing weight and toning up, quickly). Lisa’s sister, Mandy, lost over 40lbs using 10 Minute Trainer and P90X and another program (which has conveniently eluded me). Because of her weight loss, Beach Body Fitness awarded her $10,000.00.
    So, just a thought, 10 minutes isn’t too bad (might want to invest in those resistance bands if you are curious about it).

  4. Rick says:

    Well done Danny. I’m on you side and won’t be offering donuts or trying to sabotage you in anyway. This is amazing. But I must point out that you still haven’t done anything to address the root cause of the problem which you mentioned: You’re not getting any younger. I’m afraid if you don’t do something about that soon, things will only get worse. Let me know when you’ve figured out how to lose those years.

  1. June 13, 2017

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