You Can’t Go Home Again

4 Responses

  1. Jonathan Lunn says:

    Im just not redneck enough to sign up for that camp

  2. Jon says:

    Sign me up. I love cow tipping.

    They are such great servers.

  3. waddey says:

    I am already there. . . shoot, I’ll host it for free! Does the $89.00 include Nascar tickets, a turkey shoot, and 10 hot tips on how to field dress a deer? Please, please, please let me be camp pastor!

  4. Jason says:

    we are totally with you on the BBQ thing. We were recently in Durham for that conference, and eating at some little hole in the wall place, we had to ask what kind of BBQ they were referring to on their menu. there is only one kind of “real” BBQ, and it doesn’t have vinegar and cracked red pepper or mustard on it!

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