Published: 10 years ago

Volunteer Week Begins!

Starting this morning over at the Brier Creek AM Campus blog, I’m running a series of posts that will (hopefully) cause an army of would-be volunteers to rise up from their fuzzy chairs, storm the hallowed halls of cyberspace, and demand to serve in some capacity this fall at the Summit’s AM Campus.

Over on that blog, I’ll be somewhat more diplomatic, because I should behave myself.  Over here on this blog, however, I realize that many of you are loyal readers, or at least tune in daily with the same morbid interest that you check the obituaries so you can say, “What will the fool say today?”

So tune in over there, and keep checking back here each day for the straight-up inside track on what’s going on with our volunteer teams for the fall.  And if you’re interested in serving, check out one of our Frontline events throughout the month of August or sign up for more info on specific ministry teams here.

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