FI Fridays: Wow Moments

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  1. B the Builder says:

    “Wow! Check out the size of that pipe organ!”
    Its in the War Memorial Chapel at Bob Jones University – go figure.

  2. Blake says:


    While I was a work one night I was mulling over your blog. I know scary. Here was my thought. By trying to create a “wow” moment for everyone are we buying into our culture of consumerism. America is all about how much can we consume. People will come to our church because they get coffee but wouldn’t because another church didn’t offer that to them? Are we helping people be just consumers? Now I know that once they are in the door that is not the message that is preached. The gospel is preached and that changes lives. I know that you have to get them there but I am afraid that sometimes that is all they will get. Anyways just some thoughts from a seminary guy, I am looking forward to your response.

  3. Mark Waltz says:

    Blake – Great question. I’m looking forward to Danny’s response too.


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