Published: 10 years ago

Man vs. Durham

I was just tipped off to a blog-I’ve-never-seen-but-will-now-be-reading-voraciously, which tipped me off to the fact that Adam Richman was in the Dirty D and I didn’t even know it.

Adam is the host of the very cool Man vs. Food show on Travel Channel.  He was in Durham not too long ago and tackled some food challenges at a plethora of restaurants.  The show airs tonight at 10 PM.  (Sorry about all the links…I got carried away.)

I’m a big fan of MvF, because I figure if I no longer eat the stuff (hello, lifestyle change!) there’s no reason I can’t watch somebody else get sick off of it.  Although I’ll admit that the recent San Antonio episode with the four pound cinnamon rolls made me open up a can of Pillsbury.

Join me, will you?  (Not literally, because I’ll already be in my sweats, and nobody needs to see that.)

  1. Phil says:

    I have new purpose in life now….

    To meet AND EAT the Garbage Burger……….

  2. Phil says:

    Yeah, we’ll talk shop(and by ‘shop’ I mean FOOD)Sunday……….

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