Wolfpack Gospel

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  1. Jonathan Lunn says:

    state is 3 and 1. with 2 of the wins being by more then 30 some points. we are top 3 in the acc. and Russell Wilson the qb has the national record for most completions with out a interception. 346 i think hes up to now a days.

  2. Jonathan Lunn says:

    No problem danny, its what i do. Lets go with He puts the ball in the big Rectangle at the end of the bigger one a lot

  3. Courtney says:

    I think that you shouldn’t allow Jonathon to comment until he fulfills his promise of taking Jase to a game…

  4. Blake says:


    The two wins by 30+ points were against the school of the deaf and blind and the little sisters of the poor. So really State is really 1 and 1.

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