Published: 10 years ago

FI Fridays: Always On

Every Friday this fall, I’m doing a series titled “First Impressions Fridays.”  These posts are specifically designed for the First Impressions Teams at all of our campuses, but hey, read it anyway.  You might learn something useful.

As a member of the First Impressions Team, you’re always on.

Our guests are always arriving (they can’t figure out when the heck our services start, nor does it really seem to matter), so you’re always on.  You’ve always got to be ready for their arrival.  You’ve got to be prepared to offer help.  You’ve got to have your smile on and your brain engaged.

“Always on” means that during your 90 or 100 minutes of service, you’re fully committed.  It means you’re actively standing.  It means you’re on the lookout.  It means you carry the attitude of “How can I help?” rather than “When is this over?”

“Always on” signifies that you’re on the clock.  You’re not on your phone.  You’re not hiding in the bathroom.  You’re not sitting on the curb, reading a book, and barely looking up as you point late arrivals to back-of-building parking.

Our guests are always arriving.  They are always in need.  So you’re always on.

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