Published: 10 years ago

Own Your Decision

A couple of weeks back I had a great conversation with Rick Langston, one of our Executive Pastors.  Rick is my “Yoda,” not because he’s so wise, but because he’s kinda old and wrinkly and sometimes has a greenish tint.

Editor’s Note: Fire you, he will.

Rick and I were talking about an upcoming decision that needed to be made.  It was regarding a one-time event on the Christmas calendar and in the grand scheme of eternity, was not a big deal.  But to a few hundred people, whatever I decided would have a certain impact.  Here’s the gist of what Rick said:

“I don’t care if you decide to do this or not, but you need to own your decision.  Because once you decide, people are going to want to know why, and you need to have a better reason than, ‘Just because.'”

Are you owning your decisions?  Do you thoroughly think through, pray through, and reason through the day-to-day issues you face?  Or are you living life in “just because” land?  “Just because” doesn’t lend authenticity or authority to you as a leader.  “Just because” will make people wonder about your ability to make future decisions.  “Just because” is another way of saying, “I’m too lazy to do the intellectual and spiritual lifting on this.”

Don’t live a “Just because” life.  Own it.


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