Published: 9 years ago

It’s Your Move

Sunday was a day of interesting conversations.  (The following have been dramatically enhanced to protect the innocent.)

Conversation #1 was about a ministry that is changing fast…too fast, in my friend’s opinion.  Systems are breaking down.  What worked for a smaller group is not working for a larger group.  Things are getting messy.  Stuff is falling apart.  And the ministry is becoming a burden, because it’s moving too fast.

Conversation #2 was about an event that moved slow…too slow, in my friend’s opinion.  Communication wasn’t happening.  Plans weren’t forming.  What should have worked for the group wasn’t working after all.  Things were beginning to get messy.  And the event was becoming a burden, because it was moving too slow.

The common denominator about the ministry and the event is that both of them fall under my area of responsibility.  In the view of one, things are moving way too fast, and I need to slow it down.  In the view of the other, things are moving way too slow, and I need to speed it up.  And to be honest, there’s parts of both conversations that I wholeheartedly agree with.  In a sense, both of my friends are right.

But in the end, it’s my move as a leader.  I’m the one that has to feel the pulse of the crowd.  I’m the one that has to look out for the greater good of the larger group.  I’m the one that has to take the lumps if it goes wrong, and I’m the one that gets to divert the praise if it goes right.

In the end, it’s my move.  Fast.  Slow.  Or somewhere in between.  I have to make that call.

And so do you.

Go with the clear teaching of scripture.  Go with what God reveals through prayer.  Go with the counsel of friends.  Go with your gut.  But go.  Make a move.  Fast.  Slow.  Or somewhere in between.  You have to make that call.

It’s your move.


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