Published: 9 years ago

Geaux Marceaux!

I’m considering moving back to my home state of Tennessee just so I can vote for this guy.  Watch how the news anchors do their best to issue disclaimers just before ol’ Basil comes on screen.

I’m pretty sure that we’re not related.


  1. Jonathan says:

    haha …remind me to never visit Tennessee again

  2. tnrural says:

    Thanks for posting the best of what Tennessee has to offer.

  3. andyeiss says:

    Hehe… you can’t make that stuff up 🙂 Thanks Danny!

  4. micah says:

    I genuinely felt bad for this guy… oh man…

  5. amanda sublett says:

    makes me feel a little better about the education in NC…..

  6. yo' sis says:

    Im really sorry bro’ but mom and dad made me promise never to tell you about your twin…

  7. Lee Beck says:

    See what you’ve done! Now everyone has a negative impression of TN – my adopted state since I went to college there and married a Tennessee girl.

    I hope that you’ll think twice in the future before blaspheming the beautiful Volunteer State.

    (really though, I love you and your humor. Us Tenneseeans uh, Tenneeseans, uh…mountain folk need to stick together)

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