Published: 9 years ago

Doing Anything Next Tuesday?

I opened up my email yesterday to find…well, me, staring back at me.

Not really staring.  “Staring off into the distance, kind of squinty-like” is a better way of putting it.

So I’m doing a webinar for our state convention next Tuesday at 2 PM.  And while I hoped it had something to do with Spiderman-like superpowers, apparently I was wrong.  Apparently a webinar means that I get to wear a high-tech headset and keep shushing the loud people outside my office (I’m talkin’ to you, Jeremy Pollard.)

But if you want to be a Serious Disciple, you should know a thing or two about First Impressions.

Although I don’t think I look all that serious.  Winfield – that guy below me – he looks serious.  He has a grin and a soul patch.  Me?  I’m laughing like a hyena at something Jason Gaston is saying off-camera.

(For our photo shoot.  Which all Serious Disciples have.)

So anyway, if you’d like to join me in this free webinar (hint: I’m terribly afraid it will end up being just me and my Aunt Mary, who loves me but is also bored and may not have anything else to do), go here to register.  All the links in the ad below will not work, because I hijacked the hyperlinks.

With any luck my friend Mark Waltz, the First Impressions Guru, will not register and taunt me throughout the webinar.  Because if he does, my Spidey Sense will detect it and I’ll be forced to sling a web at him.

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