Published: 7 years ago

The Eyes Have It

On Saturday, I snapped this picture of my little girl and posted it on the Twitter. (You should probably follow me over there since I’m always launching hurricanes of cuteness like this.)

It was a busy weekend. A bit of a crazy weekend. We crammed in a date night, a birthday party, baseball practice, a garage overhaul, a small group relaunch, and one of the nuttiest Sunday mornings I’ve experienced in a long, long while.

But it was this quiet moment with my daughter that was one of the defining moments of the weekend. Those eyes? I figure they cost me an average of four bucks every time they look at me like that. (My understanding is that those numbers increase significantly as she gets older.)

Icee, if you need a spokesperson, call me.

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  1. Mark & Pam Waller says:

    Gotta a great joke about painters when I see you this weekend. Dang, thats a cute baby.

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