Published: 6 years ago

Thursday Three For All

I have a Reese’s Cup hangover. Read this stuff instead:

Disney Textile Services Reduces Turnover From 85% to Less Than 10%Yes, it’s a boring title. But it’s a fascinating article. How are you allowing your front line volunteers to speak into their environment?

WDW was considering outsourcing laundry to another company.  But as their leadership met they decided to try another approach. They decided to push leadership down to the Cast Members (all employees at WDW are called Cast Members).

Seven Fake Hurricane Sandy Photos You’re Sharing on Social MediaShoulda Snoped that sucka.

Fake Hurricane Sandy photos flew around Twitter and Facebook on Monday, as users shared jaw-dropping images. Unfortunately, the race to post the most striking pics has most folks skipping the all-important fact check.

London Heathrow Approach, Time LapsedOne of the most surreal / cool experiences I’ve ever had was flying for 45 minutes in a holding pattern above a foggy, overcast London at 6:00 AM. It seemed like there were dozens of planes in our immediate airspace, all jockeying for landing position, all circling the same runways. That may explain why I watched every second of this nearly four minute video. (Plus, the music may or may not be freaky hypnotic.)

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