Published: 6 years ago

Give It Away

This weekend the Summit played host to representatives from a couple of different church staff teams. They were spending time with us in order to observe some of the ministry initiatives they’re intending to launch soon.

All weekend long, I’ve watched our teams in action. They’ve shared content, traded tips, provided insight, and cast mountains and mountains of vision. I’ve been proud of them, not just for their generosity, but because it’s so obvious that they simply ooze the vision that God has placed in their hearts.

We give away content, ideas, and strategies like crazy, and there’s two primary reasons for that:

  • It’s probably not ours to begin with. Pastor J.D. reminds us all the time that there are very few original ideas. We all stand on the shoulders of those who’ve blazed the trail before us. I recently re-read a friend’s book and was a little shocked by how many of his ideas had somehow become “mine” over the years (oops). Why would we be selfish in the way we share when so much has been shared with us?
  • It sharpens our own focus. When I have to share the “why” of a ministry model with another church leader, it forces me to review the rationale of that model. Sometimes it’s left wanting. Other times we find a way to tweak it and make it better. But in all cases, talking about it creates a better product in the end.

The Kingdom of God cannot be populated by hoarders. We can’t build our own silos and refuse to share the abundance that God has graciously given us. Whether you’re a pastor or a plumber, a ministry leader or a management analyst, you have skills that someone else can build on. What will you give away today?


By the way, if you serve in a role related to guest services or covenant membership, I’d love to hear from you so we can collaborate on some content. If you haven’t made contact through our Connections Ministry survey, you can start that 90 second process here.


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