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  1. Connie says:

    You always crack me up Danny if it’s nothing but seeing your Elfkin grin. Sorry I missed the show (you did great after the 11:00 Sun service)! Don’t beat yourself up…we ALL have been there with worse situations. My worst nightmare is when I broke out into a sweat, my mind went blank and I ran off the stage in front of my peers! 🙂 Public speaking is NOT my gift & I haven’t been asked again (thank you Lord)…but it IS yours! Kudos for you being human (is there another option) and especially for your humbleness! You continue to shine with His love no matter what! I LOVE my church!

  2. Josh says:

    Man, I was passing buckets and didn’t even notice. You’re still the best, Franks – everybody whiffs.

  3. David Hinkle says:

    It was this past Sunday at 9:15a…there I was seeking to change lives one announcement at a time, when I opened with…

    “Welcome to the first weekend of Aug! School is just around the corner and I know you’re excited about that!” [pause for reaction] (Note: in the other three services this opening brought the intended response both cheers and jeers)

    Not so at the 9:15a…blank stares, awkward silence…the fly buzzing the stage was deafening in that moment…so I did what my late night talk show mentors do…move quickly to self-deprecating humor, question my future employment publicly, and then finish with a pause [wait for the obligatory, half-hearted laugh] and move on to: “ok then…I’m so glad you’re here…”

    I found announcement redemption at the 11a service.

    • Danny says:

      Connie, thank you. What in the world is an Elfkin grin? 🙂

      Josh, I expected better rescue skills from you.

      Hink, I might just have paid money to see that. My favorite response I’ve ever heard from a speaker? “Well, apparently I’m just still standing here awkwardly on stage.”

  4. zshanlon says:

    I remember the first time I was giving a presentation to a CEO I got nervous and starting making the wrong points. I was preparing for another meeting later in the week and I was trying to act like I knew this subject better than I did an I just bombed hard. I got my presentaion points all mixed up. The CEO of a major national retailer that starts with Stein and rhymes with mart actually said “stop, just stop the bleeding.”

    I didn’t recover well. I was embarrassed at work for weeks. Everyone takes one on the chin but not to get too serious it showed me I had an idol which was approval of man…so I had that going for me.

  5. Stacey Brooks says:

    I was at the service Danny, even sitting in the front row. And I heard you announce the budget meeting… “okay, budget meeting. got it. papers outside if you can’t go online. got it. ” Then I heard you ask if we were alive. And I wasn’t sure what you meant. (I certainly felt alive)
    Maybe (because J.D. says women have spaghetti brains) the info got tangled up in a bunch of other noodles and I missed something.

    Maybe we were just so frightened near to death at the thought of going out like Rupert said and evangelizing our neighbors we just sat there stunned at the reality of what he asked us to do.

    Maybe y’all should have Matt Papa sing the announcements…. (just kidding)

    I thought you did a great job announcing the budget meeting. I promise I’ll be more excited next time.
    your fellow Tennessean,

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