Published: 5 years ago

Just a Nudge

If you’re like me, you have a dozen projects that need your attention today. A hundred tasks that await you. A thousand open loops running through your cranium.

If your church is like mine, you have some systems that need overhauling. Some strategies that need to be figured out. Some ministries that need to get off the ground.

What if you didn’t view today as the day to get it done? What if you chose today as the time to simply move it forward?

Most of the stuff on our to-do lists don’t necessarily need to get done…at least not today. They need a nudge, a bump, a push down the field. Instead, it’s the enormity of the task that keeps us from doing anything at all.

And the irony is, sometimes it’s just a tiny bump that serves as the catalyst to get things moving again.

So take another look at that to-do list. Grab another glance of that ministry initiative. What can you do – today, right now – that would nudge it?

Do that thing.


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