Published: 3 years ago

Thursday Three For All

It’s Thursday, kiddies: the day when I roll out a few things I’ve been reading over the past week. Three of ‘em, to be exact. Enjoy. (Remember: click on the bold print to read the entire article.)


Three Essential Questions for Multisite Leaders. (by @DaveDangelo, via @TonyMorganLive) Good…really good stuff here. Wrestle with these.

Operating as a multisite church is challenging. Launching each of our new campuses created pressure, but it was good pressure because the payoff was so near. But there are even greater challenges that come with being a multisite church that never seem to stop. These include challenges of calls for clearer communication from every direction, unending examples of vision slip among campuses, and new questions that challenge the effectiveness of your ministry model in new community contexts, among many others.


Mom of Six Boys Reacts to Gender Reveal. (via @ABC11_WTVD) If my math is correct, I’ve been in the hospital room with my friends Stephen & Cher at the after-party for five of their six sons. I’m already blocking August out on my calendar, ’cause I ain’t missing this.


Email in Real Life. (via @TrippAndTyler) Aw dang.

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