To My Daughter on Her First Day of Kindergarten

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  1. Danny,
    I remember when I sent my little Courtney off to kindergarten. And I prayed for the same things. And God came through. Now she is married to a godly seminary student, has a great job and serves on one of the Summit worship teams. The hardest thing to do is let go, especially little girls, but trust God’s promises. We will be praying hard for you and your family this week.

  2. Chris Standridge says:

    Danny, Thanks for this post. As a dad of three, yes THREE girls, I know a little bit how you feel when sending them out into the world on their first day. This note made me tear up a little as I remember sending our girls off to kindergarten that first day. Your prayer for your daughter is timely and very similar to the same prayers I have prayed over my own girls. God, protect our children and draw them to You!

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