Published: 3 years ago

Maybe You Can’t

Leading in ministry isn’t for the faint of heart. There are budgets that need to be stretched, visions that need to be expanded, and volunteers that need to be recruited. Nearly every time our team gathers, the conversation inadvertently turns to the limits: time, resources, people, whatever…there always seems to be a reason why we can’t pull off what we want to do.

And maybe we can’t. Maybe it’s out of reach for this budget year. It could be that we just don’t have the volunteer base yet. But just because there’s something that you or I can’t do doesn’t mean there aren’t some things we can do.

Maybe you can’t get your lead pastor on board with the vision you have for guest services at your church. But maybe you can invite him to discuss a good book over lunch a couple of times a month.

Maybe you can’t fit a line item for first time guest gift bags into your budget. But maybe you can gather a group of ladies who would bake fresh cookies for your welcome center.

Maybe you can’t count on an army of dedicated, passionate volunteers. But maybe you can find one or two willing people and heavily invest in them.

Maybe you can’t afford to throw your team members a huge party, thanking them for their service. But maybe you can write three handwritten notes each week, personalizing your gratitude.

Maybe you can’t reach every unreached person in your city. But maybe you can figure out a way to serve the guy across the street.

When we focus on the can’ts, we set ourselves up for failure. But when we look at the maybes, that’s where the culture starts to change for the better.

Maybe you can’t. But then again, maybe God wants to use you for something bigger.


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