Published: 2 years ago

2017 Blog Survey

2/9/17 update: the 2017 survey period has come to an end. You’re still welcome to take it below, but congrats to Linda who has already taken home the gold. Um. $25 gift card. Whatever. 

Want a chance at a $25 Amazon gift card? Read on.

Blog-reading friends, I need your help.

You come from all parts of the country and from all walks of life. You’re church staff and volunteers, executives and interns. You’re new to your role or a seasoned saint.

But all that is somewhat anecdotal, based on what I know about those of you I’ve had the privilege of talking to and emailing with over the years. So that’s where the help comes in: surveys are the best way to put a few facts under my belt, which is why I’d love for you to take one.

The survey below will take two minutes tops (unless you get really wordy on the essay question). It’ll help me figure out the state of the blog today, and where it needs to head in the next year. And did I mention that one lucky person who believes in the sovereignty of God will win a $25 Amazon gift card? You betcha.

So fill ‘er out. And if you win that card (chosen at random by an impartial third party), I’ll contact you by Thursday, February 9.

Thanks for being a reader. And a survey taker.

If you’re an RSS or email subscriber and can’t see the survey, click here to get started.


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