Published: 1 year ago

Flashback Friday: What’s Your Passion?

Every Friday I dig into the archives and dust off an old post. If you haven’t read it, it’s new to you!


I was talking to a friend yesterday who has been presented with a new ministry opportunity. This is a friend who already serves within the church. He serves in a necessary area within the church. But he serves in a spot that doesn’t necessarily get his heart going.

This new opportunity, on the other hand, might be just the fit. It captured his interest. It awakened his emotion. And it got him asking the question, “What if?”

Time will tell if this is the right fit for him. He still has to pray, process, and apply the things that the Lord teaches him through the new opportunity. But he recognized that if this is the thing that God has called him to, it’ll be used not only to bless others, but to bless himself.

Joy in serving is a funny thing. Many of us spend years sampling and tasting at the Spiritual Gifts Buffet, trying to find the perfect combo of ingredients that will suit our palates. Too little skill set here or too little interest there, and we can quickly conclude that there’s nothing we can really do to effectively serve the church. Sure, we can accept a job…we can serve on the finance committee (even though we’re not great with numbers) or rock a few babies in the nursery (even though we don’t like kids).


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