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Who Are You Reading?

I’ve had the same conversation several times in the past few months. The first time, it was with a friend who had read my list of books I recommend to those in the guest services world. She pointed out that the list was almost 100% composed of white males. My friend? She’s an African-American female.

Her question sparked a search, one that has been mostly fruitless. That conversation has been repeated with another friend as recently as yesterday, so I figure it’s time to take it public and ask the blog world: who are you reading?

I’ve learned much from Dee Ann Turner and Cheryl Bachelder in the customer service space. With volunteer culture, Sue Mallory, Sue Miller, Marlene Wilson, and Christine Kreisher are voices that I love and respect.

But I need more, and I want to learn from more. So here’s my promise to you: if you can point me to “non white guy” voices, I will not only buy those books, but report back to the larger blogging community.



Tell me who’s out there in the guest services space (church world), customer service space (business world), and volunteer culture space. Comment below or contact me via email.


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  1. Bob Adams says:

    Here’s a few in the customer service space:
    Kerry Bodine, “Outside In”
    Blake Morgan, “More is More”
    Flavio Martins, “Win the Customer”

  1. By Summer Reading List 2018: Mine. - Danny Franks on July 10, 2018 at 11:30 am

    […] nothing wrong with caucasian males, I recognize that their voices sound a lot like my voice. So several weeks ago I asked you to give me suggestions on “non-white guys.” And wow, did you deliver. I received nearly 40 suggestions […]

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