Batch Your Meetings

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  1. Amanda Stanton says:

    Love this! I’m assuming the 6:30am meeting is for the high capacity volunteers (because of work schedules). Do you have any struggles with the attendance? What do you do for those who can’t attend the meeting?

  2. Warren Wilson says:

    Love this concept! What do you do for the people who don’t/can’t make the meeting/training? Do you have a makeup session? Do you follow up using video or written minutes/notes?

    • Danny says:

      Amanda and Warren, these are great questions! You may have inspired a future blog post. 🙂

      Correct: the 6:30 meeting for HCVs is due to work schedules. Occasionally there will be a “I have to be at work meeting early” or a “Travel for work” issue. But when HCV’s sign up for the 8 month commitment, they know the meeting dates and are asked to work around them.

      For those who can’t be there (or oversleep!), I provide a complete agenda with (most) notes, all handouts, and links to anything pertinent we talk about. At this point, I don’t record the meetings – because a lot of what we do is table discussion – but that could potentially happen in the future.

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