Musings on Working from Home (from a Guy Who Has Never Worked from Home)

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  1. Adam says:

    Almost verbatim experience for me except I left the monitor at work. And we use Gsuite so google hangouts can spare everyone the toddler wrecked living room. Right now my biggest struggle is thinking through how to do first impressions/ next steps remotely. Individual steaming experience is beyond my control and I have no timeline for helping people connect with serving teams!

    Maybe a good time to practice the art of neighboring and do some continuing ed.

    • Danny says:

      Adam, I’d love to hear more about how Calvary processes next steps in a remote environment. That’s something we’re trying to figure out for this weekend; the best way to connect first-time guests.

  2. Bob Adams says:

    As a 16+ year veteran of working from home (except when actually onsite with clients), there is definitely an adjustment period, containing all of the above! However, when you get into rhythms, you find it amazing effective and even, yes, freeing. Biggest caution: set boundaries – when you “clock out,” really clock out. Resist the temptation to check that email ding you just heard or the text notification. Yes, sometimes you have to – but most of the time, you don’t. Domestic tranquility bonus – your regular breaks throughout the day can now be applied to household chores.

    • Danny says:

      Great word, Bob! Merriem and I had to set start/stop rules. I did an excellent job at clocking out…for the first two days. 🙂 Yesterday was not so excellent. Today is a new day!

  3. Hello, fellow home bodies! I was so excited to work from home because I thought I would finally get some work done!! So far my hopes have not been fulfilled! My plan was to have my schedules completed online through the spring (should we, in fact, be able to meet together again) and call at least 3 volunteers a day to check in with them and to see how they were doing and strategize for the future. Yesterday, between all the conference call meetings and distractions of other calls and texts…not to mention the distractions of home, I never even looked at Planning Center and I had a conversation with exactly zero volunteers. Plenty of emails and texts but no conversations. It’s 10:43am EST and so far we had an hour long campus staff meeting and I had another call postponed. Hopefully my 11:00 call with my new Coffee ministry leader will happen. 🙂 Hope you all are actually getting some work done where you are! But either way, we are so privileged to do what we do! I am so grateful!

    • Danny says:

      Ha! Mary, I think a lot of us can relate to that. I’ve done an awful lot of stuff…not much of which I’d actually planned to do this week.

  4. Paula Ellis says:

    Thank you for the lighthearted look! As of today, we are still able to work from church with the work from home idea in the background. I am writing many cards and making calls to my volunteers. It seems that the days of more personal calls is here. Human voices are nice!

    • Danny says:

      Agreed! I have a feeling I’m going to have more phone calls “just to check in” over the next few weeks than I’ve had in the last 15 years!

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