Remembering Doug

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  1. Amy Phillips says:

    Danny … Ben & I are still trying to wrap our heads around this. Doug seemed invincible & I seriously wondered if he EVER slept! He worked TIRELESSLY! And as you said, “being yelled at by Doug was a rote of passage.” *Raises Hand* However, he had a passion for things being done WELL! Which speaks to his heart for the church. He wanted everyome who entered to have as good an experience as if they had paid for tickets to a theatre production. And that speaks volumes! I remember seeing him on a ladder in the Brier Creek main auditorium. It was a few minutes before a setvoce was supposed to start. He was on the top of the ladder trying to do something with a projector. And he insisted he be the one to do it. Climb up on a REALLY HIGH ladder to reach the projectors mounted to the ceiling beams. He knew it wasnt exactly safe, but it needed to be done. He will be greatly missed & I wonder how many people were impacted by him without knowing him. To Trena & Nicholas (who was often in the booth with us … or on a camera & often running it better than most of us adults) … may you find immense comfort in the arms of the Savior who Doug is rejoicing in front of! Praying for you all!

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