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Announcing the Connections Workshop: Guest Services

UPDATE (March 15): the April 22 event is now at capacity, but we’ve added another event on June 17. Sign up for email updates, or keep an eye on the blog / Twitter for the latest!


Guest services.

The very phrase tends to polarize or paralyze churches. Polarizing, because on one side, isn’t guest services touchy feely? Shouldn’t we just let the sermon speak for itself? On the other, why wouldn’t we do everything we can to shock and awe people with kindness, actually demonstrating the gospel just prior to them hearing the gospel?

And then there’s the paralyze side of things: where do you begin? How do you get leadership to see that this is important? How can we have guest services when we don’t have any guests to serve?

If the sermon starts in the parking lot, what is it that you’re preaching?

If you’re trying to unpack these questions in your ministry, attending our first Connections Workshop might be just the thing you’re searching for. I’ll be taking one big topic – guest services – and will spend the day working through key things to consider as you get started or continue to improve your existing ministry. In a seminar format, we’ll talk about:

  • what it takes to create a guest-friendly culture
  • how to kill a toxic culture
  • defining the vision for your team
  • job descriptions for your volunteers
  • contextualizing for your setting
  • pitfalls you might face along the way
  • …and more.

You’re encouraged to load up the van and bring several people from your staff or volunteer team. The Workshop will target a group of 25 or more people, so you’ll have the chance to network with people from churches of all shapes and sizes.

Connections Workshop: Guest Services
Friday, April 22, 2016
9:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Brier Creek Campus of The Summit Church
2335 Presidential Drive, Durham, NC 27703

Total cost for the Workshop is $99 per person, which covers all materials, lunch, snacks throughout the day, and practical tools that you can put to work in your ministry. Space is limited, so RSVP today!

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