The Sound Booth Stare

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  1. Jimmy R says:

    As a person that has received the SBS on more than a few occasions over the years (especially from a certain Worship Pastor that will remain nameless), I have to admit that if I’m out somewhere sitting in an audience, and a glitch occurs, I have to try my best not to give the stare.

  2. Joel says:

    Yey I get to be the first commentor !!!!!!!! I remember walking acrossed PCC’s campus (which is where you first got to meet me! arn’t you lucky) and hearing a guy in the bell tower singing that tune very loud. I wondered how he got away with singing a CCM tune out loud at PCC!

  3. Baker says:

    Excellent ideas. I’ll be working on that poster board sign this week.

    By the way, ECU profs take their latte’s with a little “something extra” but it definitely wasn’t soy.

  4. Brian H says:

    I hope one day Toby Mac can do a remix rap version of People Need the Lord… Then maybe next year one our pastors can imitate it at Frontline.

  5. waddey says:

    “I could just imagine the professor taking a swig of his soy latte, stroking his goatee, and saying, “What you cats need to realize is that a black screen is in, man.”

    I don’t know what the rest of the post was about but that line made me double over and wet myself laughing. Classic Franks! I gotta go change my pants.

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