Published: 11 years ago

The Blogosphere, She is Crowded

My heart is filled with proverbial singing today as I officially introduce you to two new Summit blogs.  These are no ordinary blogs. These are “campus blogs.”  Yet even as the words are typed onto the screen, I realize that I’m not exactly sure what that is.  Yes, we’re a multi-campus church, but can a campus blog be a good idea?  Can we just have campuses running off and starting their own blogs?  Doesn’t that do a bit too much to encourage individualistic campus identities?

We can take this way too far.  Next there will be campus pep rallies.  Campus spirit weeks where everybody strips to the waist (men only) and paints their chests with campus colors.  Campuses pranking other campuses (two words: baptistery Jell-O).  It could even get dirty and spawn campus turf wars (“We love Cole Mill, yes we do.  We love Cole Mill, how ’bout YOU?”).

Perhaps we should go back and look at the idea of launching a pre-emptive strike against campus blogs.  But until then, you can read what’s going on with the Summit around Durham.  (Watch out for that Jell-O.)

West Club – Brad O’Brien consistently wins the award for most creative pastor at the Summit.  West Club was just birthed a little over a month ago and they’re already rockin’ the neighborhood.  Go see what Brad and his peeps are up to.

Cole Mill – our very first campus to launch is the newest campus to blog.  Rick Langston is quite the nervous Nellie about starting his own blog…go show him the love.

In related news, some of you who are comment-stalkers on this blog will be saddened to note that frequent commenter Dwide Shroode will no longer be making an appearance.  Yep.  Dwide is Rick.  Rick is Dwide.  (And you thought he was just some psychotic random church person…sorry to disappoint you.)

  1. are you sure rick is dwide and dwide is rick?

  2. Cathy says:

    Danny you are loved and I can just hear your voice as I read your blog. I am glad i found it. But are we getting blog heavy? How do we choose who to read? Who has all day to read all this info?

  3. Rick says:

    Thanks Danny for helping me set up the blog:
    I couldn’t have done it without you. And don’t ever call me Nellie again.

  4. Carla says:

    ok you ALL are out of control!!!!!! Ok really I love you all and it is a great way to take a break from paper writing. It is also a great way to keep in touch when I leave you all to go overseas. Danny you are loved and a long with your awesome family.

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