I Can’t Fight This Feeling Anymore…

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  1. soundsliketomatoes says:

    A few years ago, Lance bought me Jewel’s Christmas CD for like, my birthday or something. At the time I was like, blink blink, erm…thanks. But I lurve it. It’s always in my Christmas mixed CD. Also, anything Louis Armstrong and Christmas. It makes you feel like you’re in a movie.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Because I would easily tag myself as a professional christmas-music listener (I have a good 3 1/2 week head-start on you), I thought it necessary offer this classic suggestion.

    In my house growing up, (and forevermore into eternity) :: The Carpenter’s Christmas Album = Christmas.

    And Jesus, too, of course.

  3. jlg5074 says:

    I too own the Jewel CD. Yes, I am ashamed

  4. Life of Riley says:

    Alvin and the Chipmunks was always a favorite of one of your former staffers. (She will deny it though)

  5. Ainsley says:

    You could always burn a copy of the ever classic N’Sync Christmas CD that my mom got me…sadly it is really good. I know you are laughing but I was a product of the boy band era starting with New Kids of the Block (even had their dolls…who were not quite tall enough to hang with Barbie and had to live in the My Little Pony House…and sleeping bag) and ending with N’Sync. I certainly don’t mind if you borrow it! 🙂

  1. March 6, 2017

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