Published: 11 years ago

Oh Bring Me Some Figgy Pudding!

Yule Blog Week continues today…a series of really short posts that will help you get your blog fix and get back to Christmas.


A couple of weeks ago I waxed rather poetically about Christmas songs I could do without.  Part of the rant included the question of the true identity of “figgy pudding,” which I would have bet was a made-up dessert if ever there was one.

Enter blog reader and First Impressions team member Kiani, who showed up this past Sunday morning with a Gladware container full of the figgy goodness.  Yep, in true Kiani fashion, she saw a way to solve the problem…and then solved it.  I’m talking research the recipe, buy the ingredients, bake it, and deliver it.  Whoa.

My opinion?  Tastes like a Fig Newton and spice cake.  It’s actually pretty good.  I’d say it’s figgalicious.

Thanks Kiani!

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