Come Into His Presence with…Diet Coke?

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  1. kim davidson says:

    This needs to go on your “what if…” question you ask the greeter team. Maybe we can start having a Icee machine – those cherry icees from 7-11 or Circle K or the Jiffy in St. Augustine were amazing! 🙂

  2. soundsliketomatoes says:

    You know why Diet Coke is a no no in church as opposed to water or coffee?

    Because water and coffee don’t cause you to do this:

    “Then sings my souuuulll *BELCH* my Saaaaaviourrr Goooood to theeeee *BURP*”.

    That’s why.

  3. Ainsley says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed your blog this morning as I sat at my desk sipping my diet coke. I am definitely pro diet coke for you if gets you to say “get your worship on” more often and if you drink enough DC then it will help you to “shake your groove thing” while “you get your worship on!” 🙂

  4. Ainsley says:

    Oh…and you definitely need to add at lunch next week for SP…I’m so glad ya’ll rolled up in here…and still work in holla some how…that would just make my Sunday! 🙂

  5. L&K says:

    I know you did NOT mention Sheetz or cherry icees! Please please mail me one?

    • Danny says:

      L&K, I heard disturbing news yesterday that Sheetz has taken on a greasy smell. I told your replacement just to go through the drive through and everything would be fine. (She almost fell for it…our Sheetz doesn’t have a drive through.)

      I’ll get to work on that Icee by mail.

  6. yo' sis says:

    Know what I think? I think you’ve had too many icees and had a huge case of brain freeze and it’s not thawed out yet…that’s what I think. 🙂

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