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  1. Lauren D says:

    Hi there. Major correction. David Thompson played for NC State. Go Wolfpack!
    Don’t worry, I’m not offended. Duke is a good team. If you had said he played for Carolina though, we’d have big problems 🙂

    • Danny says:

      Ha! Thanks for catching that. Stupid sports person that I am, I actually asked Jason Gaston yesterday about it, but then forgot to go back and correct it. I’ll do that now. Thanks Lauren.

  2. Suz says:

    I don’t think your blog posts are too long…probably because you bring the funny like nobody’s business…most days anyway 🙂

    Congrats on your new role!!

  3. Shellie says:

    First you showed some signs of OCD, now I’m thinking Schizophrenia or MPD based on the voices in your head. You are most certainly entertaining, laugh out loud funny…kind like “rain man.”

  4. Raudel says:

    Congrats Danny!
    You always remind us of Proverbs 17:7 “A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.”

    Your de man! 🙂

    Raudel and Abby.

  5. Raudel says:

    oops! that was Proverbs 17:22

    Raudel and Abby

  6. Blair says:

    I am glad to know what you are doing with your time now, in addition to finding out that David Thompson was such a round-ball standout. He is clearly a “Diaper-Dandy”

  7. jlg5074 says:

    blair, don’t use phrases on here like “diaper dandy” as D-Franks will have no idea what the heck that means. Danny, if you can, without typing in google or, tell me who says “Diaper Dandy” I will buy your lunch one day this week. Ready…Go.

    • Danny says:

      Gaston, I’m not gonna lie…I got nothin’. Diaper Dandy? I’m going to assume it’s a basketball term. Ummm…maybe he was a freshman walk-on, and because he was so young, that’s what they called him? Perhaps he used a cloth diaper to wipe the sweat off when he was playing? Maybe he had bladder control problems?

      Okay, I may not get a free lunch, but at least you know I didn’t cheat and look up the answer.

  8. waddey says:

    You will be great. . . although I would advise not talking to yourself as much.

  9. E-Dub says:

    Pink shirts and now this admission!? Cats, I’m a hoops-hatin’ female and I know what that means and who says it. Clearly you’re spending too much time reading MacWorld, twittering on your iPhone and blogging on your MacBook Air, and not enough time watching ESPN. Step it up, man, or I’ll be forced to find someone “cooler” to toil under. ; )

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