Secondary Issues

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  1. Veronica Greear says:

    that was SO well done. actually AM giggling out loud (a little) instead of just writing it and not actually doing it like most people do.

    • Danny says:

      Thanks. And Gaston told me I would be less of a man if I didn’t work the words “Bishopess” and “First Lady” into the post as well. Piece o’cake. (But I’ll have to admit “poach” had me stumped for a good 15 minutes.)

  2. Aaron Tant says:

    Would it be simple enough to say that your primary issues can mainly be enumerated in the 2000 Baptist Faith and Message?

    Also, I would love to just be a fly on the wall to observe your meetings to see what we are missing, but, alas, not really possible or always beneficial since we are two different styles and targeting two different demographics.

    • Danny says:

      Aaron, I don’t have my pocket copy of the BFM with me so I don’t want to go on record saying that your statement is necessarily true. Although we would affirm much of what the BFM says, I would not say that all of its points would qualify as primary issues. For example, one of the points way on down the list is the issue of peace and war. Do we have an opinion? Certainly. Does it inform the way we do church or instruct our people? Not necessarily. However, the closer you get to the front of the list (scriptures, God, salvation, etc.) those things would more likely qualify as primary.

      Does that help? (And keep in mind that I wrote that post after midnight. I can’t be responsible for anything I write after midnight.)

  3. Aaron Tant says:

    Methodology – this is a huge platform to deal with, I feel, for most churches. I don’t want to say we struggle with Methodology at my church, because then it sound like we might be a chicken running around with a head cut off, but it is a constant struggle between regimes (i.e. – what about “my needs”. Sacred Cows of ministries creeping in or stylistic approaches being, almost, demonized because it isn’t how thing have been done).
    Ouch… just realized how sad I sound. BUT, I do have a silver lining in this… competing voices does allow for more dialogue to create new ideas… new ideas can help focus in a particular methodology… methodology helps us find our target…
    Did that rant make sense?
    All in all, I feel the need to be legalistic in following some sort of book of order (robert’s rules for you really nerdy people) so we can stay focused on the primary issues… but that is me.

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