Reasons I Hate Jet Lag

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  1. Blake says:

    I understand your mean because of jet lag. Been there before. However, you need to let us know who won the contest of worst job ever.


    • Danny says:

      Patience, Blake. Patience. Because of my unforeseen London & Boston delays and the ensuing “missing o’ the preaching gig,” the purpose behind the contest was skewed. However, there will still be a winner…announced Monday.

  2. LPD says:

    Please go to sleep 🙂

  3. B the Builder says:

    big ‘ol meanie. Greece, how many hours difference is it? I know it’s not 12 hrs different – which is completely upside down… That’s what SE Asia is…
    I’m just glad I wasn’t in the office today. I wouldn’t want my high opinion of you lowered. haha.

  4. Thommarson says:

    So you have found the equal to Magnum bars in Greece huh? Nice….that could have something to do with it.

    • Danny says:

      …and dude, they’re AWESOME. They have a new one out called “Magic Sandwich” – half ice cream bar, half ice cream sandwich. It’s heaven in a wrapper.

  5. blog-stalker-admin-assistant says:

    Ummmm…is there any way I can NOT come in ANY sort of contact with you today? Oh, and don’t eat my cake…even if you are tired-mean, I’d make your work life a lot, lot more difficult…and for much longer than just a day or two. This is not a threat.

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