Published: 10 years ago

Coming Friday…

It’s been a quiet day on the blog, because I have a head cold.

Not that you care, but seriously, I got stuff packed in there like six gallons of spaghetti in a four gallon pot.

And now I’m rambling, because I have medicine coursing through me, and it makes me say inappropriate things, as evidenced in the last paragraph.

So let me get to the point and get away from the online community before I have to pull the plug on my own blog: you’ll want to come back tomorrow, because there’s fresh content on the power of following up with a first time guest.

And then Friday, we’re going to launch a First-Impressions-Friday series that’ll take us through the rest of the semester.  All First Impressions, all the time.  It will make you happier than Starbucks Coffee with a double shot of Nyquil.

Did I say Nyquil?  I meant sugar free vanilla syrup.

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