This Is NOT a Dog Blog

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4 Responses

  1. Ellen says:

    What is it about plastics and rubber that attract doggies… Sorry but I can’t stop laughing knowing that you are such a germophobia… I can say this is the first that I know of that she has chewed inside.. no… I forgot about Falyn’s Hannah Montana headset which I left out on her bed that I didn’t really like anyway..wait I forgot about the exercise bike in the sunroom that she loved the leather padding that was and I say again that was on the back of the seat… FYI I heard they stop chewing up stuff when around 2 yrs old…maybe she needs the large size Gongs to chew on next time you go to the pet store..

  2. B the Builder says:

    So many questions to ask here…
    Why were you snooping around at 5:30am?
    Why would you sniff something that a dog chewed? It would not smell like it did prior to being chewed. Now it would smell like dog breath.
    Do you have a special sniffer nose that enables you to identify chewed items?
    Did you think that Sipsy may have chewed, swallowed and regirgitated?
    I think I’ll have to start calling you “Super Sniffer”.

  3. Shellie says:

    Seems this blog has “gone to the dogs!” Too funny!

  4. Linda Leimone says:

    You make me laugh !! Love your blog…


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