Published: 9 years ago

Going For Broke In Dubai

Ha ha ha, that’s a little socio-economic joke, that is.  You see, Dubai’s government is belly up, and we’re going to Dubai, and…

…never mind.

So, I’m leading this trip to Dubai later this summer, right?  And there’s going to be lots of church planters that will be gathered there that we’ll be serving, right?  And we need people to love on their kids and people to lead them in worship and people to keep me from ending any more sentences in right, right?

This Sunday is our first informational meeting about the trip.  Dates are July 16ish through 25ish, but you have to come to the meeting and give the secret handshake before I’ll tell you any more specifics.

The meeting happens in Suite 111 at the Brier Creek Campus at 3:00.  And unlike the other Dubai post where I told you to comment below and I’d remind you about the meeting, I’m not going to remind you about the meeting.  Because if your short-term memory is that bad, maybe you don’t need to go, yo.

But still, if you’d like for me to plan on you, shoot me an e-mail or comment below.

  1. Derek H says:

    Hey D. I’m interested. Been to Dubai twice already. Definitely would love to return. Not 100% I can be there Sunday. Will there be another way to get the lowdown?

  2. Susan says:

    I’m interested and I’ll be there on Sunday. I already prepared by finding Dubai on the map

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